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Personalized-Training-&-Wellness -Solutions
Personalized-Training-&-Wellness -Solutions
Personalized-Training-&-Wellness -Solutions

James A. Phifer, Jr.

BS Glassboro State College – Division III football, gymnastics, track and field AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer AAAI/ISMA Certified in Sport Nutrition CPR Certified
Personalized-Training-&-Wellness -Solutions

Mary Kinstle Phifer

BA Mount Holyoke College – English
with Music and Dance minors
NSPA Certified Personal Trainer
CPR Certified

Welcome to Phifer Fitness Fitness is a lifestyle

James’ passions are fitness, exercising, and motivating others to reach their goals. He helps clients improve their strength and stability, athletic/aerobic conditioning, posture, and weight loss. He encourages clients to have fun with their workouts and helps them adhere to their programs by designing ones that fit their individual goals and needs. His sessions are fun and full of variety and, at the same time, tough enough for clients to feel they got the maximum benefits. James draws heavily on his training and experience to motivate and educate clients through understanding of physical fitness and healthy lifestyles. His belief is that fitness is a lifestyle from which everyone can benefit.
James stays active with playing tennis, cycling and kayak fishing.

Mary’s involvement in fitness and exercise covers a wide range of activities – personal training, tennis, biking, spinning, and group aerobics – as well as diversity in ages – adolescents, young athletes, adults, and seniors. Her encouraging style brings out the best in her clients while pushing them to new levels of health and strength. The sessions are challenging yet fun – building a client’s stamina as well as educating them on the proper techniques and benefits of exercise. Whether you are investing time on the tennis court, in the gym, on the trail or in the pool, Mary brings knowledge, enthusiasm and a variety of ways to help you reach your fitness goals.

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Personalized-Training-&-Wellness -Solutions
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