Weight Loss

Which mode of cardiovascular exercise will provide the best results for fat loss and cardiovascular fitness?

Treadmill, bike, elliptical cross-trainer, stair-stepper, group exercise class; these modes of aerobic exercise are most common. Choosing which one or how many to participate in depends on a few factors: health, fitness activities, and personal choice.

First of all, an exerciser needs to perform an exercise that does not jeopardize their health. For example, if you have chronic knee problems, running could cause additional pain and damage to the joints. The cardiovascular exercise may also need to be specific to an exerciser’s goals. For instance, if you plan to participate in a marathon then running should be your primary mode of exercise. Finally, and most important, you should choose an exercise that you find most comfortable and enjoyable.

To achieve optimal results, intensity levels should be at recommended levels that can usually be achieved with any mode of cardiovascular exercise.

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