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Personal Fitness Training Frequently Asked Questions



      1. Why Hire a Personal Trainer?
      2. How Do I Get Started?
      3. What Can I Expect from Personal Training?
      4. Can I Train with a Friend?
      5. Can I Pay for Personal Training Services Online?
      6. Do You Have a Referral Program?
      7. Not Ready Yet?


Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Research shows that using a skilled personal trainer may lead to a significantly greater chance of getting into better shape than exercising on your own. The trick is finding someone who will really help you get in shape — not just keep you company for an hour. Phifer Fitness is the key to developing a long-term successful fitness program in line with your personal goals.

Phifer Fitness will help you work harder, more consistently, and more efficiently than you would on your own. You will receive enough guidance and education to ensure that you establish effective exercise patterns right from the beginning. As a veteran in the industry, Phifer Fitness has the background to educate you on how your body functions and how to train it in a safe, effective manner to achieve the results you want. You will receive consistent support and motivation throughout the entire time we work together. The workout routines designed for you will be varied, fun, and effective.

How Do I Get Started?

Every new client receives a full fitness consultation and assessment. In order to know how to get where you are going, you must have a realistic idea of where you are right now, as well as a detailed set of goals that you want to achieve. During your fitness assessment, Phifer Fitness will test and analyze your aerobic power, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. You will complete a detailed health risk profile, which is available online. From this assessment, Phifer Fitness will produce a realistic and effective “fitness program” that is conceivable and achievable based on your fitness levels.

What Can I Expect from Personal Training?

Phifer Fitness develops a program specifically for you. Your program is designed to achieve your goals in a way that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

      • General Fitness
      • Body Fat Reduction
      • Functional Strength
      • Muscle Gain
      • Improved Self-esteem
      • Sports Performance
      • Weight Control
      • Toning
      • Cardiovascular Endurance
      • Health
      • Look Better
      • Feel Better

You will have full-time access to your personal trainer. As you start to get involved in a healthier lifestyle, you will come up with questions along the way or need professional advice in various situations. You can expect Phifer Fitness to have either the answer that you need, or find the answer and get back to you quickly. You will have an email address and a telephone number to reach Phifer Fitness as often as you need to so that you can stay on track with your fitness and personal goals.

Can I Train with a Friend?

Training with a partner who has similar fitness goals is a great way to stay motivated and committed to an ongoing program. Phifer Fitness is experienced in designing programs for “team” training sessions.

Can I Pay for Personal Training Services Online?

Phifer Fitness has recently teamed up with PayPal to offer the opportunity for online purchases of personal training sessions. This is a great way for you to use a credit card or debit card to pay for your ongoing training, rather than needing to write a personal check. Clicking any of these buttons will take you to the payment page for the training package that you choose. PayPal transactions are free, easy, and — most importantly — secure. If you want to take advantage of the personal training rates listed on this page but wish to pay via cash or check, that option is also available to you.

Do You Have a Referral Program?

If you refer a friend who begins a monthly training package, you will receive a free session. Gift certificates are also available upon request.

Not Ready Yet?

If you want to talk to a personal trainer about getting started but don’t know if you actually want or need to purchase a package of personal training sessions, feel free to contact Phifer Fitness. Phifer Fitness is always available to help with any fitness question.

Registration and Log In

Help! I can’t log in to my account! What should I do to try and log in?

If you know your user name and password …

  • Make sure that you are using the correct case. Both user names and passwords are case sensitive, meaning that the user name “phifer” is different than the user name “Phifer”.
  • Make sure the Caps Lock key is not on.
  • If you use the number pad at all when typing in your user name and password, make sure that the Num Lock key is on.
  • Make sure that there are no spaces in your user name or password. “Phifer Fitness” is different than “PhiferFitness” when it comes to user names and passwords.
  • PhiferFitness.com requires that your browser be set to use JavaScript in order to log on. If it is not enabled, you may not be able to log in. Read more about our site requirements.
  • PhiferFitness.com requires that your browser be set to use cookies in order to log on. If it is not enabled, you may not be able to log on. Read more about cookies.
  • Try again. Sometimes, people just make a typo.

If you don’t know your user name or password …

If you need additional help, send us an email at help@phiferfitness.com. We will respond to all inquiries for help. Include the following information in your email:

  • Name
  • Email Address (as listed in your account)
  • User Name
  • Password (optional; users will have the ability to change their password again later)
  • Operating System (i.e. Windows, Macintosh, Linux)
  • Web Browser (i.e. Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox)
  • A description of the error.
  • A list of the steps needed to reproduce the error. List any web page URLs if you have them.
  • The time and date of the error.

Why do I have to provide an email address?

Email addresses are required for site registration. Certain features will only function if you have an email address on file. A list of such features include:

  • Account Retrieval — if you have forgotten your account information but know your user name or email address, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to regain access to your account.
  • Billing Reminders — you may opt to receive automated billing reminders to help you remember when your next payment is due.
  • Site Updates — you may opt to receive automated updates to the site to keep abreast of new features, content, and specials.
  • Training Information — you may opt to receive additional training information or notification of when a trainer has added a training program to your account.

If you do not currently have your own email address, you can register for a free email address at places such as yahoo.com or hotmail.com.

Phifer Fitness is committed to your privacy, and we would never do anything to violate it. Your email address will never be used without your consent. We will never sell your email address or allow third-parties to use it. You may opt out of receiving email from us at any time. If you have any questions or concerns about how your email address may be used, please email us directly.


Site Requirements

Do I have to have a specific operating system to access PhiferFitness.com?

No, you do not need a specific operating system to use this site. Any operating system that can support a browser and has an Internet connection access PhiferFitness.com.


Do I have to have a specific Internet connection to access PhiferFitness.com?

No, you do not need a specific Internet connection to use this site. However, due to the features that are available, the user experience will be much better with a broadband connection. For those who are using dial-up to access the Internet, please be patient while your fitness programs load.


Do I have to have a specific web browser to access PhiferFitness.com?

Yes, you need a recent version of a web browser in order to use this site. This site supports all recent browsers, including Netscape 7.0 or greater, Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater, Firefox, and more. If you are experiencing any errors with this web site, check the version of your browser and make sure that you are using the latest release.


What is JavaScript, and why do I have to have it turned on?

In order to truly use all the great features at PhiferFitness.com, your browser must be enabled to use JavaScript 1.2 or higher. JavaScript is a scripting language used by web programmers to add dynamic interactions to web pages. On this site, JavaScript is used to validate forms, pre-fill selection boxes, and more.


What is a cookie, and why do I have to have it turned on?

Cookies are small text files kept on your computer by your web browser. It contains information about the site you are on as well as any information that you ask it to keep for you, such as your user name. Cookies are also used by dynamic web sites to keep track of information from one page to the other. That’s how web sites “remember” who you are without you having to log in each time you go to a new page. In order to access PhiferFitness.com, you must have your browser enabled to use cookies.